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Are you looking for Vehicle Electronics for your vehicle?

Today, the electronics/electricals category has become one of the key technologies in automobiles. Its interconnected control devices and functions in vehicles give rise to a high degree of complexity, any errors call for immediate professional assistance.

Blackbrook Test & Service Centre deals with all aspects of vehicle electronics St Helens . With advanced diagnostic tools and equipment, we can carefully inspect and repair your car’s electrical systems. So, if you are on the lookout for professional assistance on vehicle electronics, we suggest you head over to us.

Furthermore, we also offer a wide variety of the latest automotive electronics for all car makes and models. With us, you can purchase and install high-quality products that fit your car the best.

Types of automotive electronics at Blackbrook Test & Service Centre

vehicle electronics St Helens can be classified into the following:

Engine electronics

In a petrol engine

  • Throttle control
  • OBD (On-Board Diagnostics)
  • Ignition system control
  • Cooling system control
  • Fuel injection rate control
  • Lambda control

In a diesel engine

    • Cooling system control
    • Turbocharger control
    • Throttle control
    • Emission control, NOx control

Chassis electronics

    • Anti-lock braking system (ABS)
    • Electronic Damper Control (EDC)
    • Brake Assist (BAS)
    • Traction Control System (TCS)

Entertainment systems

    • Vehicle audio
    • Navigation system
    • Information access

Passive safety

    • Air bags
    • Emergency brake assist system

Driver assistance

    • Blind spot detection
    • Lane assistance systems
    • Speed assist system
    • Adaptive cruise control system
    • Pre-collision Assist
    • Park assist system

Passenger comfort

    • Automatic climate control
    • Automatic wipers
    • Electronic seat adjustment with memory
    • Automatic headlamps
    • Temperature adjustment (Automatic cooling)

Our products and services

We provide installations from our vast variety of vehicular electronics at affordable prices. So, visit us if your car requires fitment of electrical products, like:

    • Electric locks
    • Electric convertible systems
    • Car alarms
    • Electric windows
    • Electric sunroofs
    • Stereo systems

Additionally, technicians at Blackbrook Test & Service Centre are adept at inspecting and identifying electrical issues in your car. Some of our key services include:

  • Heater motor repairs
  • Battery checks
  • Alternator checks
  • Fuse repair
  • Starter motor checks
  • Indicator lights’ examination
  • Warning lights’ inspection
  • Windscreen wipers check
  • Vehicle starting problems

Through our services, we aim to keep you safe and comfortable on the road. So, why don’t you drive over to our facility for affordable repair and replacement of vehicle electronics St Helens ?

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