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Maxxis Tyres

    Aliased as Cheng Shin Rubber Industry Co, this Taiwan-based tyre-manufacturer has been consistently producing superior quality tyres ever since its inception in 1967. Initially, it stepped in the market as a two-wheeler specialist. But now, Maxxis Tyres is an eminent presence in the passenger and sports car departments.

    Currently, this brand is the 9th largest tyre company globally. In case you are looking for premium Maxxis tyres in St. Helens, Merseyside at an affordable bid, you can pay us a visit.

    We are one of the largest spare parts and tyre retailers in this part of the UK and boast of an extensive stock of car tyres in St. Helens.

    We at Blackbrook Motors, also pride ourselves on an exceptional legion of tyre experts who will be there to assist you in upgrading your vehicle with the best-suited set of Maxxis car tyres in St. Helens.

    Alternatively, you can also look for and buy Maxxis car tyres in St. Helens through our online portal, as per your convenience.

    Maxxis Tyres: Top-sellers in the UK in 2020

    Here’s a list of the top Maxxis Tyres –

    1. Victra Sport 5 VS 5

    It is the ultimate performance tyre in a budget. You could go for Michelin or Pirelli at a higher price or get the same premium features in the Victra Sport 5 VS 5 cost-effectively. Its superior grip, handling and braking in wet and dry tarmacs is ideal for high-performance cars.

    2. Bravo HP-M3

    It’s the quintessential SUV tyre for comfort and speed. Don’t like noise when driving? The Bravo HP-M3 provides a noise-less effect but remains uncompromising on speed. Plus, its unique tread pattern gives for excellent stability. The Bravo HP-M3 also boasts of paced water dispersal for preventing aquaplaning on wet tracks.

    3. Bighorn MT-762

    This one’s a beast when it comes to muddy terrains. If you are the adventurous kind to take their car for a spin on the off-tracks once in a while, the Bighorn MT-762 would certainly strike your fancy. Its mileage is certainly its winning point as the sturdy body provides for uniform wear. Also, its grip and the comfort it provides on uneven terrains, even ice studs, are exceptional.

    4. Arctic Trekker WP-05

    Snow mustn’t impede your comfortability, and Maxxis Tyres has certainly embodied that in the Arctic Trekker WP-05. It boasts of superior grip and handling in uneven snowy tracks due to its independent block design. Moreover, the grooves and tread patterns create a comfortable experience, even in snowy conditions.

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    Drive down to our facility in Blackbrook Road, Haydock, St. Helens, WA11 0AD and buy your next set of high-performance tyres from us.

    Don’t know your car’s tyre size? You can always contact us, and our experts will tell you the list of Maxxis tyres in St. Helens that will fit your vehicle.

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