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Each year, residents of the United Kingdom spend millions of pounds purchasing tyres. It is a vast market, and since the temperature difference between British summers and winters are considerable, people often tend to buy two sets of wheels. The demand for used or re-treaded models is rising as well.

We have also noticed a significant increase in the demand for all-season tyres amongst our customers. All-weather wheels, as they are also called, can be used across seasons, as long as the temperatures do not fall below 7o Celsius. This, provides tremendous value for money, and frees our patrons from the hassle of swapping tyres every six months or so.

    If you live in Merseyside County, visit us, Blackbrook Motors. We are the largest retailers of all-season tyres in St. Helens.

    Popular all-weather models

    Here is a condensed list of the most coveted all-weather car tyres in St. Helens.

  • 1. Continental AllSeason Contact: This model joined Continental tyres’ AllSeason family in 2018. It is made from high-quality rubber compound which can last for several years. The new model is available in several rim sizes.
  • Continental assures greater fuel economy, especially when compared to its closest rival, the Michelin CrossClimate Plus.

    You can buy all-season tyres in St. Helens from both these companies from our facility.

  • 2. Michelin CrossClimate Plus: Stylised as the CrossClimate+, this shows marked improvement over this French manufacturer’s existing CrossClimate range. It is a favourite amongst many of our patrons who purchase all-season tyres in St. Helens.
  • The Plus model ticks all the right boxes of an EU tyre label, steps up on the wet-braking quotient, adds a new tread design, and will also come in 14" rim sizes.

    Blackbrook Motors recommends purchasing any of these all-season tyres in St. Helens in a complete set. That is, you must replace all four wheels in one go. Mixing and matching wheels can be dangerous.

  • 3. Hankook Kinergy 4S2 H750: Hankook’s Kinergy range has recently earned superb reviews from independent experts, automobile journals and related websites. It is also the cheapest of this chosen trio of all-weather wheels.
  • Kinergy offers the best dry braking and handling capabilities, while retaining respectable handling and braking power on snowy roads. Blackbrook Motors recommends this model for hatchbacks.

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