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Kumho Tyres

    Kumho tyres, formerly known as Samyang Tyres, is a South Korean tyre major known around the world for their long life, superior performance on dry and wet roads, attractive designs and reasonable pricing. The company is precisely 60 years old, and while it may not have as many aficionados as other major wheel manufacturers, they sell widely across the United Kingdom.

    We at Blackbrook Motors are the leading retailer of Kumho tyres in St. Helens. We have an enviable inventory of their models. Over the last decade or so, Kumho sales have gradually picked up the pace, partly thanks to their futuristic R&D.

    You can buy Kumho tyres and other OE-grade spares including batteries, exhaust system parts, shock absorbers and others from our facility.

    Bestselling Kumho tyres in St. Helens, Merseyside

    We have seen that the following models sell exceptionally well in and around St. Helens.

    For summers

    1. ECSTA PS31 UHP: Kumho is associated with several motorsports events worldwide. It is thus hardly surprising that their latest addition to the ECSTA range is a sturdy high-performance model. These summer wheels have micro-silica and resin-laced rubber carcasses, which prolongs these models’ lives. Besides, the sidewall is inspired by F1 models and can handle incredibly tight turns without any hassle.

    For winter use

    2. Wintercraft: Kumho’s Wintercraft range has many members. Of note is its WP-72 model, which is a studless variant. If you wish, you can go for its cousin, the WP-71. The latter can be studded with metallic or ceramic bits. Both these variants are excellent winter tyres, offering longer life, better traction and speed, and better controllability.

    For all-season use

    3. CRUGEN Premium KL-33: Planning to opt for all-year Kumho tyres in St. Helens? Try out these latest models. The KL-33 was first designed as OE for Hyundai’s Santa Fe range. Since then, the range has been tinkered with several times. Now, CRUGEN models come in a variety of rim sizes. Wide grooves, symmetric tread design and a mixed environmentally-friendly rubber compound make this model unbeatable at the price point Kumho retails these.

    You can procure the entire Wintercraft Kumho tyres in St. Helens range from our facility at attractive discounts and offers. We will also balance and align your wheels.

    Googling - Kumho tyre stockists near me?

    Your journey ends here. If you live or drive in or around St. Helens, ask your smartphone “new tyres near me”. We are sure that you will be directed to Blackbrook Motors!

    Browse through our website for more details.

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