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Replacing your van tyres at the right time is necessary for two reasons – firstly, you ensure that your vehicle will not get stuck in the MOT because of worn-out tyres, and secondly, you stay safe and get better mileage while driving.

So, when you need new tyres, bring your car to us, Blackbrook Motors. At our garage, you will find the most extensive collection of van tyres in St. Helens.

Some of the widely preferred van tyres are mention below –

van tyres

Michelin Agilis 3

The Agilis 3 from Michelin is the new entrant to the company’s Agilis series of summer van tyres.

It comes with a stone-ejector feature that prevents stones and pebbles from getting stuck inside the grooves. The Agilis 3 also has an abrasion-resistant rubber compound that improves overall service life. This new variant reduces fuel consumption by up to 7% compared to early models.

EverGrip Technologies used in this tyre also makes it one of the best van car tyres in St. Helens in terms of wet braking.

Bridgestone Duravis R660

Bridgestone’s Duravis R660 is another one of the high-quality summer van tyres in St. Helens that you can go for.

It has a Super-S shaped casing that increases fuel efficiency. Specially designed rib patterns and enhanced tread design of this tyre give you more control while driving over wet roads, along with reduced aquaplaning.

If you are looking to buy van tyres in St. Helens from Bridgestone, then head over to our shop and have a look at our stock.

Pirelli Carrier

If you prefer Pirelli’s tyres, then the Carrier should be your choice. Its 3-wide longitudinal grooves help evacuate water from underneath its contact patch, and ensure adequate traction while driving over St. Helens roads. This tyre also comes with an innovative design and tread pattern for more precise steering response.

Goodyear DuraGrip

DuraGrip from Goodyear is another summer tyre for vans. It comes with the company’s 3D-BIS Technology that increases contact with the road via interlocking blades. The rigid shoulder of this tyre also gives you more control over your van around the corners.

The unique design of this tyre also ensures that your vehicle delivers higher fuel efficiency and a quieter ride. Last but not least, its asymmetric tread pattern reduces hydroplaning and offers you more control over wet surfaces.

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When looking for car tyres in St. Helens, Merseyside, make sure you pay us a visit. We are the foremost suppliers of tyres for all types of vehicles, be it vans, passenger cars, SUVs, etc. We offer prices and discounts you won’t find anywhere else.

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