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Continental Tyres

    Continental AG was initially founded as a rubber manufacturer by the name of Continental-Caoutchouc und Gutta-Percha Compaigne in 1898. This company is one of the largest tyre manufacturers globally and has forged path-breaking and exemplary designs for its contemporaries since inception.

    As of 2017, Continental AG is the world’s third-largest tyre brand. And on that note, if you are looking for continental tyres in St. Helens, then you can pay us a visit.

    We at Blackbrook Motors boast of a sizeable catalogue of Continental car tyres for you to choose from. Be it for your adventurous needs or just for safe and comfortable rides, our inventory in St. Helens, Merseyside is sure to meet your unique driving requirements. Plus, our team of experts will assist you to select the perfect set of car tyres that suite your driving pattern and budget.

    Buy Continental car tyres in St. Helens

    Before you set out to buy Continental tyres, you might want to look into these points –

    1. Compatibility with car

    Your vehicle comes with an owner’s manual. In that manual, you can find a list of compatible tyre types. Refer to that when browsing through our online catalogue of Continental car tyres in St. Helens.

    Take, for instance, if you drive a high-performance car, the Continental SportContact 6 might be a suitable match.

    2. Driving habits

    When you buy a tyre, you always need to think about your driving style and preferences. It can be that you like better handling, but you also prefer a quiet ride. Or that noise really does not bother you, but speed and handling are your top priorities.

    So, when you go through our online list, think of what suits you and what sets you off while driving. That way, when you search for tyres near me,, you will know precisely what to look for.

    Take for example if your priorities are eco-friendly tyres, then Continental EcoContact 6 might be an ideal fit for you.

    3. Weather conditions

    Do you frequently drive even during peak winter season when the weather is chilly and snowfall a routine? Or your driving is mostly during the summers and rarely during winters? Or is it an all-season thing? By accounting for that, you can zero in your search for car tyres in St. Helens and focus on just what you need.

    Here are some summer Continental tyres in St. Helens

    • ContiSportContact 5
    • ContiEcoContact 3
    • ContiCrossContact LX 2

    Some winter tyres you will find in Blackbrook Motors –

    • Continental VikingContact 7
    • Continental WinterContact TS 860 S
    • ContiWinterContact TS 850

    Think Continental, think Blackbrook Motors

    Visit our facility in St. Helens to look through our vast inventory of Continental car tyres. You can also purchase Continental tyres in St. Helens, Merseyside from our website at your convenience.

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