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Wheel Balancing

Wheel balancing is a process whereas a tyre is examined for its heavy spot, and counterweights are added to cancel that skewed weight distribution. Also known as tyre balancing, it is an essential service that allows optimum control and efficiency during your daily commute.

At Blackbrook Motors, we offer quality car wheel balancing in St. Helens. We have several bays which help us work on multiple cars simultaneously.

If you live in Merseyside County, you must try out our services; we are the most reliable wheel balancing garage in St. Helens.

When do I need to balance my car’s wheels?

Here are some of the common issues which crop up when your vehicle’s wheels are imbalanced. Watch out for them keenly.

    • Sudden and sustained vibrations in the steering column

You will find it difficult to drive as your car’s steering column, along with its floorboard, will vibrate whenever you drive your vehicle in moderate to high speeds.

    • Uneven tyre wear

Under normal circumstances, all four your car’s tyres should wear evenly. That said, if you notice that any particular wheels have worn out more than the other ones, it is a sure indication that you need car wheel balancing in St. Helens.

    • Once every two years: Remember to balance your car’s wheels at least once after every two years. Also, if you often commute on rough or unpaved roads, you must bring them for an inspection every year.
      • After every tyre repair

Regardless of how minor the repair was, you should always ensure that your car’s tyres are balanced after the works. As most such processes involve separating the tyre from its rim, re-balancing becomes a must.
At Blackbrook Motors, we specialise in wheel repairs besides wheel balancing.

      • Once you purchase a new set of wheels

Wheel balancing must be done whenever you buy new tyres. As a rule of thumb, we recommend that you swap all four tyres together. You can buy tyres from Blackbrook Motors too.

Why choose Blackbrook Motors in St. Helens?

There are several reasons why you should select us:

      • We have a trained team of technicians who are expert in wheel balancing and the older method of traditional spin balancing. Regardless of your car’s configuration, we will ensure that your vehicle gets the best service.
      • Blackbrook Motors uses environment-friendly adhesive and lead-free bang-on weights. Our balancing machine helps us understand which areas require these weights. This ensures a precise fit for all vehicles.
      • Our patrons have often remarked that we are the most professional facility for car wheel balancing in St. Helens. We have a loyal client base, and we would love to help you too.
      • Finally, our pricing and billing process is transparent and hassle-free. We have made it a point of not overcharging. It has earned us goodwill which we cherish.

Your wait for the best ‘wheel balancing garage near me’ ends here! Book an appointment via our website to know more.

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