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Falken Tyres

    Falken Tyre is a subsidiary company of the Sumitomo Rubber Industries of Japan. The tyre company came into existence in 1983, and in 1988, it first stepped foot in Europe. Although it’s young compared to its contemporaries, Falken Tyre has positioned itself as the perennial favourite of high-performance car owners across the world.

    Falken tyres are quintessential ultra-high-performance products. The brand uses motorsports categorically to augment their tyres.

    If you are looking for a set of Falken tyres in St. Helens, Merseyside, then spin by our facility, Blackbrook Motors, anytime. You can also browse through our online directory of tyres if coming down is an inconvenience.

    Reach us if you have any queries and our cohort of tyre experts will guide you with insider knowledge to ensure that when you buy Falken tyres in St. Helens, it is the best tyre-related decision you ever make.

    What do we have to offer?

    What are some of the top Falken tyres in the UK?

    Here are some of the top-selling Falken car tyres in St. Helens, in specific, and the UK in general.

    1.Azenis FK453

    This is an archetypal example of Falken Tyre’s decadal experience in motorsport events. It features a solid centre rib that provides the qualities of superior responsiveness and stability in dry conditions. It boasts of ultimate manoeuvrability, handling precision and superior safety and control.

    Its broad grooves also make it ideal for wet tarmacs due to exceptional rate of water dispersion that prevents aquaplaning. Moreover, its thick shoulder design on the outside provides excellent traction levels.

    2.Sincera SN832 Ecorun

    This tyre model is a favourite of our cost-conscious patrons. Why? It features enhanced rolling resistance. What does it mean? It means less friction when driving, so, less fuel consumption.

    Also, it is one for the slippery slopes of rainy seasons, if you ask us. It features an asymmetric 4-rib tread pattern with uniformly distributed stiffness. So, water dispersion occurs rapidly preventing hydroplaning. That makes its handling razor-sharp in wet conditions.

    What’s more? It features nano-scale compound optimisation resulting in superior nano traction level and grip in wet tarmacs.

    3.Eurowinter HS01

    As you can guess by the name perhaps, this one’s a winter tyre. It boasts of radiating transverse grooves from the centre. That facilitates superior levels of snow traction and also aids in dispersing water expeditiously. And result? Heightened resistance to aquaplaning and smooth driving in snowy tracks.

    Plus, Eurowinter’s circular profile and augmented sidewall flexibility enables exceptional handling and cornering under any conditions. And lastly, this tyre model provides directional stability and comprehensive grip due to a unique tread pattern.

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