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Are you looking for DPF Cleaning for your vehicle?


If you own a modern diesel car, you might be aware of DPF or Diesel Particulate Filter. It’s a part of your vehicle’s exhaust system that captures and stores soot produced by the exhaust; which is why it is also called the soot trap.

The DPF lowers the particulate matter from the exhaust gases and thus, is critical in maintaining emission standards.

And like any filter, you must also upkeep the DPF from time to time, ignoring which can lead to substantial damages. If you’re looking for professional DPF cleaning St. Helens, then we at Blackbrook Motors can help you out.

Why does the DPF require maintenance?

The DPF captures and stores soot. Over time this can block the DPF when it needs to be emptied and cleaned. Generally, any functioning DPF can handle such blockage by itself through either passive or active regeneration.

Passive regeneration is when the car is driven at a high speed, which heats the exhaust system causing the soot to burn off into ash. However, usually, most car owners seldom drive at such high speeds, and it’s mostly limited to slow and short drives around town.

Contaminated oil can heavily damage your car’s engine; the sludge-like liquid will fail to lubricate the cylinders, causing excessive metal scraping. This will, in turn, clog the filters and choke the normal circulation.

That’s why there’s active regeneration for DPF cleaning. When the ECU detects soot accumulation over a predetermined limit – typically 45% - it injects additional fuel to induce the required heat in the exhaust system. That burns off the soot.

However, these methods are not always successful in cleaning up the DPF, which is the result of a more significant blockage. That’s when the filter needs to undergo professional DPF cleaning procedure St. Helens to ensure it gets back to working at maximum efficiency.

How to tell if DPF needs manual cleaning?

Typically, it’s suggested to avail specialist cleaning service every 200,000 miles, give or take, depending on your driving style. Nevertheless, a visible indication that the filter needs regeneration is when the DPF warning light illuminates.

It’s a bigger problem when the engine management gives company to the DPF warning light. That’s when you definitely want to drive your car down to our facility for professional DPF cleaning St. Helens.

Apart from that, other signs that tell you something is wrong with your car’s DPF are:

  • A pungent smell of diesel.
  • Vehicle emitting an excess amount of smoke.
  • An increase in fuel consumption.
  • Loss of power in your vehicle’s engine.
  • Automatic stop/start system has stopped working.
  • Inefficacy of passive and active regeneration.

You might try to get rid of such a situation through forced regeneration that makes use of chemical additives, which removes the soot.

Why choose us for DPF cleaning St. Helens?

Although forced regeneration is an option, it’s temporary and does not do much to improve the efficiency of your vehicle. That’s because it only removes the soot while the ash remains.

We use state-of-the-art tools to provide a specialised and thorough cleaning, which will empty both soot and ash from your car’s DPF. That way, it will increase fuel efficiency and enhance filter life.

With us, your search for “DPF cleaning near me” will come to an end. You can make an appointment with us at Blackbrook Motors or directly drive down to our facility at Blackbrook Rd, Haydock, St. Helen’s, WA11 0AD.

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