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Nexen Tyres

    Boasting of the top tyre manufacturing plant with the most advanced automated facilities, Nexen, a South Korean tyre brand, is well known in the UK suburbs. With over 70 years of experience in tyre manufacturing, Nexen is committed to developing tyre technologies for the future.

    Car owners have for years vested their interest in Nexen tyres in St. Helens. From summer tyres to VAN and SUV variants, Nexen has an expansive list of tyres that have kept the wheels rolling. At Blackbrook Motors, we thus bring you an exclusive list of tyres to choose from for your car.

    A pick of Nexen bestsellers

    Nexen tyres come in a range of variants to suit your driving needs. From the choicest collection of summer tyres to winter’s best, and all-season tyre variants, we have it all stocked up for you.

    Here’s a pick of some of the best Nexen car tyres in St. Helens you can get your hands on, exclusively in our retail outlet. We have assorted them as per their suitability to make it easy for you to buy Nexen car tyres in St. Helens.

    1. Summer tyres

  • N Fera Primus
  • These summer tyres are rated for ultra-high performance, and come with 3+1 wide groves with a 3D lateral bend to prevent hydroplaning and reduce braking distance. Enjoy improved handling with the Nexen tyres in St. Helens mounted to your car’s wheels.

  • N Fera RU1
  • Designed for high performance SUVs, N Fera RU1 gives you an edge with its excellent performance in both dry and wet road conditions. With narrowed grooves on its outer shoulder, experience improved steering and handling stability even during sharp turns.

    2. Winter tyres

  • WIN Guard Ice Plus
  • Contributing to the collection of the best car tyres in St. Helens, WIN Guard Ice Plus provides enhanced braking and handling for snowy and ice-covered roads. Its V-shaped grooves cuts through ice and slush with ease. The 3D shoulder design improves traction while multiple micro sipes improve performance on snow and ice.

  • WIN Guard Sport 2 SUV
  • Mount your SUV’s wheels with WIN Guard Sport 2 SUV tyres, designed with optimised directional groove patterns for improved performance against hydroplaning. Experience better traction in winter road conditions with its dual and equivalent-levelled pitches.

    3. All-season tyres

  • N Fera Sport
  • Complete your tyre near me searches with our hand-picked collection of car tyres from Nexen. N Fera Sport, for example, provides high performance in both wet and dry road conditions. Its rigid centre block gives an improved control response while its outer shoulder groove wall design suits your high-speed cornering needs with stable handling.

  • Roadian GTX
  • A high-performance, premium all-season tyre for SUVs and Crossovers, Roadian GTX comes with a long-lasting service life with improved comfort and enhanced safety. Its ideal design of sipe and groove improves driving performance under all road conditions.

    Drive beyond the usual with Nexen tyres in St. Helens, Merseyside

    Your collection of Nexen tyres in St. Helens is not far away. Just give us a call or visit our facility at Blackbrook Road, Haydock, St. Helens, WA11 0AD to buy new car tyres. Our trained staffs will also provide professional tyre mounting and peripheral services, among others.

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