Blackbrook Test & Service Centre

When it comes to a dedicated auto garage, the residents of Denton’s Green face trouble finding one. Keeping your convenience in mind, we, Blackbrook Motors, are now extending our products and services to this area. With an experience of over twenty years, we provide unmatched vehicle-related facilities.

Here’s a brief overview of what we offer.


We provide a wide range of tyres Denton’s Greenfrom distinguished manufacturers like:

At our garage, you will find tyres which suit your vehicle perfectly.

Apart from this, we also retail other types of tyres like performance and run-flat tyres, to name a few. Moreover,if you want to buy cheap tyres Denton’s Green, you can consider visiting our shop.


What makes us a distinguished automobile service station are our services. Our responsibility does not end with the selling of a tyre; we also ensure that tyres are perfectly fitted on to the wheels. Take a look at some of our prominent services:

That’s not all!

We offer a wide range of other services to optimise the performance of your 4-wheeler. To know more, either visit our shop or call us on 01744453252.

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